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Variety of Rice: White Vs Brown Vs Black Vs Red Rice, Which one is healthier?

White Vs Brown Vs Black Vs Red Rice


Health is the only wealth in today’s time. People often struggle for a healthy lifestyle. And for these, they tend to eat foods that are very much healthier than their diet. People try to fill their meals with many nutritional and beneficial foods. Which will let them live a healthier lifestyle. But, what if you want to know about the minutest healthy food? Yes, you got it right. If one eats rice, obviously it is good as well as nutritious and has variety of rice.

Ever you thought about which variety of rice comes under the category of healthier rice?


What is the difference between all varieties of rice?

First of all, you must be aware that rice has four types; namely:-

  • White-colored Rice
  • Brown-colored Rice
  • Black-colored Rice
  • Red-colored Rice

Brown colored Rice:

Good health is the utmost priority for this rice. Brown-colored rice is like normal rice which has not faced the procedure of refining. As, brown-colored rice is not refined. So definitely this variety of rice is much better than any other varieties of rice. Also, this variety of rice has gained much fame in the last some years.

Because of the procedure of making. But, to eat brown-colored rice in a good way you must know its exact recipe. As, this variety of rice tends to get soft very easily; so, they need to be cooked accordingly. Some recent scientific studies have proven. That consumption of only a single cup of this rice can cure your diabetes to a certain good level.

Red Rice:

Popularly belonging to the colored variety; Red Rice is identified by its color. The reason for this red color is the presence of a pigmented chemical which is like an antioxidant. The best thing about red rice is that it has much amount of iron in it; which makes it much healthier to eat. Also, the presence of iron in it helps in the maintenance of proper pressure of blood regulation in the body. When you eat red rice you feel fulfilled for many hours.

Like, simply you don’t feel hugeness easily. Therefore, often people eat it to stay fulfilled. Red rice has calories of larger value. Many doctors suggest eating red rice for patients who suffer from heart-related diseases. Because red rice helps much in curing such types of cardiovascular diseases. Also, many kinds of cancer-causing cells are destroyed by red rice. Thus, you can prefer eating red rice on daily basis.

Black rice:

It is not much popular type of rice. Because most people are unaware of this variety of rice. The presence of black color in this rice is due to a pigmented chemical. Many kinds of essential vitamins are also present in this type of rice. Also, you can stop the growth of cancer-causing cells by eating this black rice.

Many doctors propose that if one wants to lose the amount of weight. Then, he/she must try eating black-colored rice. Levels of blood sugar are also maintained by eating black-colored rice. Many varieties of important as well as vital fibers are present in black rice. Thus, you can consume black rice on alternate days to enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

White colored Rice:

This is a common and popular variety of rice. Indians are very fond of white-colored rice. It is among the highly and preferably processed rice. But, it has some sort of disadvantage. The procedure of refining makes it squat of vital nutrients in the rice. Among all other varieties of rice.

It has a very low amount of minerals and fibers in it. This rice is squat of vital vitamins also. This is not good for health. Because the bulk of eating such highly processed rice is harmful to health. Thus, if you want to consume white rice; eat it in less quantity and on alternate days. By doing such you can maintain your good diet as well as proper health.

Finally, let’s discuss the prior and most important question:

Which variety of rice is best and healthier?

So, the answer to this question is very obvious. Brown colored rice; yes you read it right. Because brown-colored rice has not faced the procedure of processing or any type of refining. It will satisfactorily enhance your healthy lifestyle. Brown-colored rice is like a satisfactory meal food. Eat it either at breakfast or lunch; it’s your choice. The only thing that matters while eating rice is its quantity. Yes, you read it right.

The quantity of rice should not be reached an extreme level in a day. Because if it reaches a high level it will provide harm to the body in many ways. Like someone might enhance their weight or he/she might suffer from obesity. As it is said much of something is not right; so eat the only squat amount of rice in a day.

Also, one can fix the schedule to eat rice. Like fix a certain duration. Have it in lunch daily in little amount or just eat it on dinners daily in little amount. This will not only help you in a scheduled routine of eating rice. But also will maintain a well-planned diet for you.

Last Words:

Rice being a calorific-filled food is not much advised in large quantities. Brown colored rice is okay to eat. Because they are harmless to human health. Also, they have many nutritional values. The only thing that one has to take care of is the amount consumed. The rest of it is not as important as the quantity consumed.

Thus, the most suitable rice for your health is Brown Rice.

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