5 Traditional farali dishes 

That are made during your festival time

Sabudana Bade

It is one of the popular farali dishes. Almost all festivals have this farali dish in common. Also, sabudana is good for health; thus it is preferred more than any other farali dish. Also, it is very simple to make.

Aloo Kadhi

Here comes another delicious farali dish made during festivals. Kadhi made with potatoes! Indians are creative in very many ways. They can turn a simple vegetable into a versatile dish and make them delicious.

Rice Dhokla

This farali dish is different from the Old styled bored recipes of pakoras. It is one of the unique Traditional farali dishes prepared during the time of fasts. Also, rice is good for health so, this dish has many health benefits.

Farali aloo chips

This is one of the easiest and quickest Traditional farali dishes which can be make during the times festival. This chip is better than regular potato chips. Because it is sprinkle with pepper and rock salt. These two spices add good taste to this dish.

Farali bhel

Here comes another month watering farali dish prepared during times of occasions. Farali bhel is very easy to make. It is both a quicker and tastier dish that you can make at home easily.

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