8 easy food recipes which are vegan food for weight loss

This is the dish almost preferred by many vegans. Because tofus are loved by vegans. This dish is not only good for weight loss but also delicious. You can prepare this by making tofus with chili and black pepper.

Peppered tofus

Cauliflower salad is excellent for health and also has many benefits in weight loss. Roast raw cauliflowers and then mix them up with onions and peas. And serve it in a bowl.

Cauliflower salad

It also helps in the weight loss process through its healthy advantages. All you have to do is cut beans, then boil them. Now to cook them add beans to a cooker with tomatoes, Onions, and all other veggies.

Beans curry

Vegans prepare Garbanzo beans in a very easier way. They do not make it much heavy stuffed vegetables. All they do is; make it in such a way that is suitable for weight loss.

Garbanzo beans

Firstly cook pasta until it becomes soft. Then let them cool down for some minutes. Until then add olive oil to the pan. Then put onions, tomatoes, chopped cabbage, carrot, and other veggies into the pan.

Vegan Pasta salad

Tofus are one of the preferred foods of vegans. But, what if this food has a health advantage of weight loss? So, here it is. Tofus are generally prepared as vegetables to have their delicious taste.

Baked tofus

Sweet potatoes are very easy to make. All you have to do is rinse sweet potatoes thoroughly. Then peel off their outer cover. Then just boil them on a low flame until they turn soft.

Vegan sweet potato

Broccoli are very common food preferred by vegans. Broccoli is healthy as well as tasty when mixed up with some veggies. They also help in weight loss. It’s very easy to make. Start with rinsing broccoli.

Vegan Broccoli fry

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