Foods For Healthy Hair Growth

one of the most important enzymes required by our body for Good hair growth. If any hot food gets placed in banana leaf the polyphenol gets reacted to it.

Banana Leaf

Eggs are one of the most essential foods that are required by our body. Boiled eggs are best for improving the hair quality in our body.


It is the best food known for protein. which helps to build the muscle mass of the body. where it helps to build the great physique structure of the body.


You may be surprise why water is on the list. where water doesn’t contain any nutrients. like protein or vitamins, and how it is responsible for hair growth.


Bengal Grams contain enough protein that equals the chicken. It too helps to build the cells and tissues of the body. that helps to build the muscle mass of the body,

Bengal Gram

Fishes are the best to make our body more healthy where it is responsible for the good hair growth of our body. This is because fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.


Spinach is rich in iron and fiber. where iron helps to absorb the vitamins, and it is responsible for the production of red blood cells of the body.


Soya Beans are again the best part of the food for vegans. Like Bengal Grams, Soya Beans are also best to consume for enough nutrients like protein

Soya Beans

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