Hair growth Vitamins for natural black hair


It is an essential vitamin that can aid one to get lengthy and natural hair. Retinol constitutes many phytochemicals. That aid to keep the scalp good and avoiding dehydration of hairs.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

Ascorbic acid(Vitamin C) is a kind of antioxidant that aids in saving pressure arising in hairs. And this protein is created by ascorbic acid.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

The most effective and important vitamin that is essential for our hair is B7 which is Biotin. Its other name is Vitamin H. Our hairs must have proper cell growth.


Vitamin B3 also called niacin, aids in the increasing volume of hairs. It plays an important role in maintaining good hair conditions.


It is a very necessary vitamin necessary for smooth and silky hair. Also, It plays an important role in maintaining good hair conditions. It not only prevents dryness of our hair.


Vitamin B12 also called Cobalamin has an essential role in the proper growth of our hair. It helps in maintaining good natural black hair conditions.

Calciferol  (Vitamin D)

This element is necessary for healthy follicles of hair. It helps to maintain good hair conditions. Its deficiency can result in hair fall. It can merely be generated inside our body by soaking it in sunlight.

Thiamine complex

Thiamine is the combination of many essential ingredients required for our hair growth. It is present in various food items. It is necessary to consume food items containing Thiamine.

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