Creating a ideal  Seasonal Menu for Season Nutrition

Summer Season



Mangoes are referred to be the “King of Summer”. They are beneficial for health, also have a sweet taste, and can be used in beverages. Its raw form can be utilized for manufacturing pickles in our juices.


Cucumber contains 95% of water in it which helps to keep the children hydrated in summer. They even have fibers and help in reducing constipation According to Ayurveda, Cucumber plays well for healing bleeding problems.


Since, in summers, the temperature rises to 40+ degrees, at that time our body must be hydrated. And for such a purpose, apples are eaten. Apples have a high amount of water in them. They are rich in vitamins and play good.

Winter Season



Oranges come under the category of citrus fruits. They not only to activation of taste buds. But also are powerful in curing various skin-related issues. That are noticed during winters. Like dry skin, dandruff and hair fall, constipation, and many more.


Guavas are nothing but the immunity builder. They are rich in Vitamin C, potassium, fiber and so in calcium. They help to build up immunity. Also prevent the body from whooping and wheezing during winters. 

Monsoon Season



Pomegranate acts as a warrior in the rainy season as it shields the body from cold and flu. It is rich in antioxidants which destroy cancer cells. Henceforth, Pomegranate too can be add to the diet plan during monsoon.


Jamuns are too good for diabetic patients as it lowers their blood sugar level. It is very important to take jamuns during monsoon. Because it deals with the stomach related problems very well.

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