Different Ways to eat chia seeds

Chia salad

you can add these seeds inside the salad despite only sprinkling them. So, it’s your choice either add it or sprinkle it or do them both.

Chia cakes

Chia seeds are very high in nutritional value. Thus, this will minimize the effect of sweetness on the cake. Also, these seeds will add a good content of fibers to the cake

Chia cookies

you prepare the batter for cookies put some chia seeds in it. Let them sit inside the cookies before baking. And after baking, you can enjoy the health advantages of chia seeds.

Chia soup

it comes to soup the density of soup matters a lot. And this density comes from flour or any eatable thing. And these eatables may engage the body fat.

Chia oats

you prepare oats you make them with the surety of healthier benefits. But, do you know you can multiply the health benefits of oats by adding chia seeds to them

Chia tea

you are making tea you can add chia seeds in them like any other ingredients. Add only a single spoon of chia seeds; this will be enough for a healthy tea.

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