Eat Foods Before Bed for to get Better Sleep


You may wonder about my suggestion. where this meat is an all-rounder. that is suitable for any type of meal such as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. This is because fish is high in antioxidants


This is one of the most common foods. that are consumed before sleep to get that at a great rate. Milk is alight weight food as it is rich in calcium. that strengthens the bones and teeth in our body, and it is too rich in lactic acid.


Generally, almonds are preferred to take during the morning time for better energy. but it is too best for consuming during the night times as well. This is because almonds are best in relieving the stress hormones in our bodies.


The main role of bananas is, it keeps you feeling full and give a great set of digestion to the body. Banana is rich in potassium, Vitamin A, and fiber. Where it gives a great rate for digestion.


It is also a part of medicinal food. that helps to fight against common diseases known as cold, cough, fever, and even more. where rasam gives enough digestion, relieves the unwanted gases

Coconut Milk

One of the best naturally occurring ingredients. What is best during dinner times is this coconut milk. The main role of coconut milk is to give great digestion.


Another best food to have before sleep is water. But the thing is the water must be consume at least an hour before. Where it digests and cools down all the internal organs in the body.


The red color of tomato is the reason for an enzyme. It is the best one for the production of blood and removing the blood clots in our body to save our life.


The best thing to get notified about Roti is, it is an all-rounder. This can be consume as breakfast, lunch. Even as dinner where it gets to fit in all those categories and supports the human body.

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