Get Healthy 8 foods that start with "X"


It is nothing but a watermelon in Chinese language. Generally, watermelon is high in water content, where it has 95% of water in it. Which helps to reduce the complete thirsty level and keep us under hydration.


It is a grape that is purple. Grapes contain some high antioxidants that help to prevent cell and tissue damage. It contains a high amount of oxalic acid, so people having kidney stones are prohibit to consume this food.


Xacuti is a spicy curry made up of chicken or lamb. It is consume as a lunch or dinner, which is rich in protein that helps to build the body mass and immune system as well.


It’s the cocoa leaves where the chocolates are made of. It is not consume as raw because of its bitterness so that it has been form as chocolate.


It is a fish that belongs to the sardine family. It’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help to prevent us from oxidative stress. It also contains a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin c.


It is another name for mushrooms. Generally, xampinyons are rich in vitamin D. because it is been absorbing the sunlight. This helps to build a proper immune system and activates our mind very soon.

Xavier soup

It is an Italianate soup with soup dumplings. This one helps to maintain the hunger level before you have a meal. As it takes responsibility for proper digestion, and it enables our tummy to take more foods as well.

X-mas cake

It is one of the most famous desserts that has prepare during festival times. It is also known as Christmas cake. Where it is call fruit cake that contains lots of cherries.

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