Impress your loved one with this Comfort foods

Vegetarian quesadilla

Vegetarian quesadilla is the easiest yet yummiest dish. For the date night, I don’t want you to hassle too much for the food. This dish is lip-smacking but straightforward.

1. Tortillas as per your need 2. A cup of grated cheese 3. Subtly chopped yellow and green capsicum, carrots, courgette marrow, and garlic. 4. Salt and olive oil


1. Add olive oil to a pan and heat on low flame. 2. Add garlic, then both capsicums and marrow. Add salt and stir. 3. Heat till softened. 4. Add Mexican chili sauce and little coriander to it. 5. Now take two tortillas, apply olive oil or butter to them. 6. Add this stuffing in between the tortillas and heat for some time on the pan. 7. Now it’s ready to serve hot with yogurt sauce.

Course for quesadilla


Salads are easy to make. We Indians perceive that people who are on dieting eat salads, Or when you want to eat light, you eat salad. But, there are some tummy-filling salads with comfort foods

– Sliced potatoes. – Grated cheese – Salt – Butter


– Apply butter on slices of potatoes – Put sliced potatoes on the microwave tray. – Add grated cheese and sprinkle salt. – You can add corn kernels, onion, capsicum if you want. I like to keep it simple so, not adding anything. – Microwave it for 12-14 minutes.

Course for creamy, cheesy potatoes

Cheesy Mashed potatoes with corn kernels

– Boiled potatoes – Grated cheese – Boiled Corn kernels – salt


– in boiled, mashed potatoes add boiled corn kernels. – Add the salt as per your taste. – Grate cheese on it and microwave for 12 minutes, and it is ready to eat.

Course for cheesy mashed potatoes with corn kernels

Yummy cheesy fondue food

– A small cup of milk – A small cup of white wine – A cup of shredded cheese – A small cup of creamy cheese – Chopped garlic, onions, and spinach. – Slat and pepper.


– heat a pan on medium flame. – Add milk and white wine. – Add all types of cheese and let it melt. – Now add our vegetables and let them cook for 12 minutes. – When properly cooked, it’s ready to eat.

Course for yummy cheesy fondue