Most Popular Indian street foods

Veg Paneer roll


1. Onions 2. Capsicum 3. Cabbage 4. Green chili 5. Paneer 6. Mayonnaise 7. Tomato Ketchup 8. Schwan sauce 9. Cheese 10. Peri Peri Masala

Indian street food in form of Sandwich


– Onion – Capsicum – Cabbage – Green paste – Red paste – Tomato ketchup – Mozzarella cheese – Mayonnaise – Paneer – Triangle shaped bread

Kullad pizza


Corns Pizza bread pieces Mayonnaise Mozzarella cheese Kullad Tomato Chat masala Chili flakes Oregano paneer

Cheese schezwan Frankie


Onion Boiled noodles Tomato Capsicum Schewan sauce Cheese Chapatti

Reason Why Everyone Love Vegan Foods

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