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BMI Calculator

BMI refers to Body Mass Index. This app calculates the body mass index and tells your body weight accordingly. This is a very good app for measuring your body mass index.

one can easily choose units of his/her own choice. As there is no restriction on choosing the system of units used for calculation.

BMI Calculator calculates your body mass index in a super quick way and gives reviews of your health accordingly. Also, it is very simple to use.

it takes into consideration of body weight and body height to know the perfect body mass index. Also, it has the option of history on the screen.

In today's time, everyone has become health conscious. A flat belly is a priority for people. Everyone be it a girl or boy wants to stay fit and maintain a healthy physique.

But, the question arises of how to calculate such minor changes in the mass index of the body daily? No individual can check their weight daily and maintain a diet accordingly.