Bay Leaf Tea

May Help to Boost Digestion

How to prepare Bay Leaf Tea

Preparation of Bay Leaf Tea is very easy where even it requires only the basic ingredients. In a hot pot, we just need to add water and want to add bay leaves over it. once the leaf gets dissolved with water, in a medium heat the tea.

Benefits of Bay Leaf Tea


Best source for Vitamins

Generally, Tea is rich in vitamins whereas bay leaf tea is rich in vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin B6. In These three vitamins, all three vitamins are more essential to the human body.

Zero Cholesterol

The best part about Bay Leaf Tea is, it doesn’t contain any cholesterol in it. People who are intended to lose weight can have bay leaf tea. Which is the best suggestion to have.

Potassium and Magnesium

Potassium is the most essential mineral needed by our body and is abundant every day. The main role of potassium is to prevent muscular cramps in our body. It boosts the muscular contraction function in our body.

Good source for Blood Production

Mustard is also the best source of food for blood production. This is because it is high in iron. Where it helps to boost the blood production in our body. It absorbs the vitamins and provides quality oxygen as well.

Rich in Fiber

In 100 grams of Bay Leaf Tea, it contains up to 126% of Reference Daily Value in fiber. The main role of fiber it helps in providing great digestion to the body. It removes the unwanted gases in our stomach.

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