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Monsoon Drinks

When we think of monsoons, hydration isn’t the first term that jumps to our minds. The monsoon season can lead to dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish your body with fluids at frequent intervals.

For that, add these drinks to your diet. It is important to keep yourself hydrated, not just to quench your thirst but to make sure you’re energized and active throughout the day.

The crispness and freshness in the air, the fragrance of damp soil, thundering clouds, pouring rain and the aroma of your favorite hot beverage wafting through your kitchen, monsoon season comes with a little treat for everyone! A walk around your block followed by a warm snack and a cup of steaming hot beverage is one of the best ways to celebrate monsoon!

Here, we have collated a list of some interesting drink recipes for monsoons. This includes hot drinks, which are a must since they alleviate seasonal flu and boost immunity too; as well as some juicy drinks which can be had at room temperature too.