10 Healthy foods that start with “Y”


It is also high in Vitamin D that helps to build a good immune system and activate the cells in our body. It also contains B vitamins like thiamine and riboflavin.


It is one of the necessary nutrients in our body. Though yeast is not a food, it will be available in several foods that need to be consumed.


It is the center part of an egg, which is yellow. Though egg yolks have high cholesterol, they have certain nutrient values. It is rich in iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

Yellow moong dal

moong dal is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E along with proteins and fiber. This is one of the best food to be suggested for weight loss and to it prevent the heart as well.


Yam is a vegetable that is typically consumed as a side dish. It’s even can be consumed as raw as without cooking it with spices, and it can be consumed by baking itself.

Yellow pumpkin

It is generally rich in Vitamin A that helps to give more vision and prevents night blindness. Also, it has high nutrients like other vitamins and minerals.

Yellow banana chips

This is one of the favorite snacks for most people, especially in the southern regions like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. It gives instant energy to our body.

Yellow apple

These apples are quite rare in their availability. It’s highly nutritious that helps to boost up your immune system and resist bacterial infections as well.

Yellow beans

This is one of the best vegetables that have to be consume every day. This has high nutrients like protein, which plays an important role in repairing our body.

Yellow capsicum

It is rich in vitamin A, and vitamin C and has high potassium as well. It’s good for eye vision, and it helps to prevent cell damage to cells and tissues as well.

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