20 spices every kitchens basic needs


Turmeric is a symbol of purity. It destroys eyesight and negative energy and brings good health and prosperity. It also adds color and flavor to the food.


Cumin seeds are generally add to soups and curries. It is an irreplaceable ingredient as it added flavor. When it is heat with oil in a pan before initiating the further method.


Ginger is a spice and medicine too. It is use for flavoring dishes like sauces, tea, and meat. Eating two spoons of ginger juice and adding honey to it helps to reduce the velocity of cough and cold.


Mint leaves freshen the mood. It can delight the taste buds. Mint tea removes the stiffness of hardened arteries and brings them flexibility. It also benefits in case of rapid heartbeat.


The bitterness of Neem drives away many diseases. It is very useful in strengthening the immune system. It is aromatic, tasty, soothing, appetizing, and digestive.


Massaging the feet and sole of the feet with mustard oil cures cold and cold of the head in one night. Massaging its oil on the nose stops the runny nose immediately.


Garlic juice works as a panacea for these diseases. By taking its juice (2-3 ml) without a meal in the morning, the blood vessels start dilating within a few hours.


Coriander powder is generally obtain from the seeds of the coriander plant. It gives a special and light taste to our food. And it is mostly bought ready made but can be prepare from seeds freshly when in need.


Cinnamon is a wide use ingredient when making food. It is not that much expensive and is easily found in the nearest market. Most of the recipes are incomplete without it.


Black pepper just adds a satisfying flavor and aroma to many dishes all across the world. Also, black pepper is use as a special ingredient in many Indian dishes like curries and also in salads.


Chilli is a dry fruit belonging to the family or gene of capsicum. It has taste according to the region where it is cultivate. Chilli powder is obtain from this chili.


Oregano is the flavors that compel pizza to taste like pizza. It is also use for dressing salads, vegetables, soups, and many more. Also, it clears the throat. It helps the body to cure the injuries.


Bay leaves are also call ” tej patta ” in Hindi, and it is generally use for a long time cooking dishes. It is use in many dishes and thus every kitchen should have it.


Cloves have a very different taste from any other spice, but it is still good that most dishes require cloves as an ingredient. Also, cloves are use in many dishes like biryani, pulao, and many more.


Mango powder or amchoor is made from ripe mangoes. It is used to add salty flavor to the foods. Usually while making pickles, sauces, soups, and salads.

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