5 Yoga Exercises for Mindfulness

Hero’s pose

Stretching the quads (thighs), tops of feet and ankles and lengthening the spine. It’s also good for sitting in after a main meal to aid digestion.

Child’s pose - Balasana

Easing lower back ache and tightness as well as opening into the inner thighs, groin and chest.

Seated moving meditation

Experiencing meditation through simple movement and further developing the breath. With these arms movements we lengthen the side waist and spine, begin the stretch lightly the intercostal muscles as well as chest and shoulders.

Easy sit forward fold

Stretching the hips, glutes and lower back. And – when coupled with breath work can be great for the digestive system.

Lateral bend

Lengthening the side waist and stretching the intercostal muscles which is a great way to de-stress, improve digestion and expand your breath capacity.

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