9 Items to Add to Your Grocery List

to Help You Lose Weight

Salad Greens

Keeping pre-washed salad greens or a bagged salad kit on hand makes it easy to toss together a leafy green salad when you're in a pinch.


Snacks are especially important when trying to lose weight, as they help prevent you from becoming too hungry in between meals. Choosing a snack like popcorn allows you to eat a large serving for few calories

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pairing well with just about anything, olive oil houses a slew of health benefits. One tablespoon contains 14 grams of healthy fat—including mono- and polyunsaturated types

Whole Milk Yogurt

The low-fat yogurt varieties lining the shelves might be lower-in-calories, but with the lack of fat, they're also less satisfying. Opting for whole milk yogurt keeps you full longer

Chia Seeds

Small, but mighty, chia seeds might be a best-kept secret when it comes to weight loss. "To me, chia seeds are a no-brainer to add to your shopping list if you want to up your fiber intake


Arguably the most versatile food of all time, eggs go with any meal. Whether it's egg cups in the morning, a hard-boiled egg for lunch or fried rice with eggs for dinner

Seltzer Water

Calling all fizz fans! Seltzer, or sparkling water, is a healthy alternative that satisfies the craving for something carbonated, without all the added sugar. Fluids are filling


Eating a hearty breakfast is necessary to have a productive, energized day. Research even shows people who regularly eat breakfast tend to be slimmer and keep weight off easier


Regardless of variety, nuts are packed with healthy fats and some protein, and research suggests eating more of them can help ward off weight gain and diabetes risk.

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