9 Most Un-healthy Foods For Our Body

White sugar

it maintains the sugar level. But in recent years, sugar has been mixed with sucrose. So that it lasts more time to get expire, but that is very bad for health which causes diabetes to our body

French fries

Crispy French fries give instant energy and make the best snack. It is one of the unhealthiest foods in recent years. It is deep-fry in oils, and most of those oils are not fresh ones.


It is not good for our hearts as it causes heart attacks to us, and it too increases the weight of our body as well. Don’t consume mayonnaise, even in rare cases.

Charcoal meats

Nowadays, we just forget the traditional foods and most of us eat foods according to what society suggests. In that list, charcoal meats are at the top of the table.


It won’t last long, and it even takes more time for digestion as it causes digestive issues. Which may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, gas troubles, etc.

Diet soda

Well, I don’t need to give a separate introduction for this. We all used to consume it at least once or twice a week after having a heavy meal. It is usually consume to gain proper digestion.


It is one of the most famous foods in India. Which doesn’t contain any nutrients, but almost 40% of the population is consuming this every day.

Packed chips

One of the best snacks on this planet, wherein a street, almost 80% of residents are consuming packed chips. Either, the brand may get varied from international to local, but the effects remain the same.


That affects the stability of our mind, gives fatigue, causes vomiting, and even causes digestive issues. Commonly, we have a habit of having coffee at our day start. Which is not a proper thing to do.