9 Healthy Super Foods

That must include in regular food cycle

This is one of the best breakfasts on this planet. The beauty is, you can consume it for even lunch or dinner as well. It’s doesn’t contain any cholesterol.


Idiyappam has some similar properties to idli. This is because idiyappam is also made from rice flour, and it too doesn’t contain any oil.


Though sambar rice was originated in the southern region of India. In recent years, it has been spread over several countries due to its high nutrient values.

Sambar rice

It is generally high in omega 3 fatty acids. That helps to reduce oxidative stress, and it is high in protein, which helps to repair the tissues of our body.


It is a kind of soup that is typically consume during meals during lunchtime. It is generally use for digestion purposes. That contains tomato, pepper, and other spices as well.


The common food that is love by both vegans and non-vegans is an egg. It’s generally rich in vitamin D and that is high in building the immune system and improves eye vision as well.


Chickpeas are the best food among vegans. Where bodybuilders have 5-6 chickpeas every day. That has been soak in water that helps to improve the muscle mass of the body.


Chapati is generally rich in fiber that has good digestion. It is rich in wheat that gives more strength where it builds the muscles firmly in our body.


Finally, this is another common food or beverage that is available in almost every home. Milk is enrich with vitamin d and a helps to build the immune system of our body.


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