Get Healthy 11 foods that start with "V"


Vermicelli is a lightweight food that has less fat and cholesterol in it. But it is not good for people who intend to reduce their weight.

Vanilla milkshake

Vanilla helps to improve digestion and produces high antioxidants that prevent the breakdown of cells and tissues. It is helps to prevent weight loss as well.

Vegetable soup

The best thing about vegetable soup is it is composed of many vegetables. Where it helps in proper digestion and gives enough protein and vitamins.


Certain research says having one or two pegs of vodka is good for the heart and regulates the circulation of blood well. This is strictly prohibited for kids and teenagers

Vada pav

It is consumed as a breakfast or lunch, even as a snack. It is high in calories that give you instant energy when you need that desperately.

Vegetable pulao

It is a simple food that is very easy to prepare, which can consume as both lunch and dinner. It’s consume of many vegetables along with rice


In some places, adding vinegar over food is a usual one and meanwhile, in some other places. People may wonder about adding vinegar over the food.

Velvet apples

Velvet apples are one of the best fruit that is available rare at several markets. It has high potassium and vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin c, and complex b vitamins in it.

Victoria plums

Generally, plums are rich in antioxidants, have high in vitamins and minerals as well. These antioxidants reduce the aging factor of the skin


vanaspati is add as an ingredient for that kind of food. It is a strict suggestion that vanaspati must not be consume by people

Vegetable oil

It is the most common ingredient that has use all over the world for general purposes as well. Vegetable oils are use to cook most of the food items

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