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Get Healthy 11 foods that start with V – Being Health Conscious

11 Foods That Start with V


Here I mentioned some healthy foods that start with V which are help you to being health conscious for living life last long. So, let’s explore the foods.

List of Foods that start with V:


Vermicelli - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

Vermicelli is a lightweight food that has less fat and cholesterol in it. But it is not good for people who intend to reduce their weight. Because it contains high content of carbohydrates. It helps to provide more energy that helps to maintain your hunger level longer time. Also, having vermicelli once or twice a week is good to go since it is not having much protein in it.

Generally, people eat this healthy vermicelli breakfasts for losing weight. This healthy vermicelli breakfast is low in calories. They are not a very good choice for obesity and weight loss.

Vanilla milkshake

Vanilla milkshake - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

This is one of the favorite beverages in recent years. It is well known for its taste, where it is a stress buster for most youngsters.

Vanilla helps to improve digestion and produces high antioxidants that prevent the breakdown of cells and tissues. It is helps to prevent weight loss as well, whereas the milk takes care to strengthen the bone as well. This makes your tummy full, which even forgets to have a meal as well. It’s the best evening time food before dinner.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

The soup where vegans love to have is this one. The best thing about vegetable soup is it is composed of many vegetables. Where it helps in proper digestion and gives enough protein and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D as well.

The vitamins are depended on according to the vegetables that are added to them. It provides high antioxidants, and it controls the hunger level as well. It is best to have it before lunch so that it helps you to lose weight as well.


Vodka - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

Generally, vodka has great demand during winter. Because it produces heat for our internal organs, and it brings warmness to us.

Certain research says having one or two pegs of vodka is good for the heart and regulates the circulation of blood well. This is strictly prohibited for kids and teenagers, also for people who have heat bodies by birth.

Vada pav

Vada pav - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

When it comes to vada pav, I am just reminded of a memory shared by our god of cricket “Sachin Tendulkar”. Where his coach trains him to bat till the end of the day as 5 rupees as a bet, and he will have vada pav after he gained it. Vada pav is a fried food that helps to burn the fats in our body.

It is consumed as a breakfast or lunch, even as a snack. It is high in calories that give you instant energy when you need that desperately. Having vada pav once or twice a week is good to have enough nutrients.

Vegetable pulao

Vegetable pulao - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

It is a simple food that is very easy to prepare, which can consume as both lunch and dinner. It’s consume of many vegetables along with rice that helps to give more vitamins and minerals.

This is rich in fiber, which helps to digest food well. It maintains the diet well with proper circulation of blood. But having pulao every day is not suggest, whereas the spicy ingredients may affect our stomach. But having this one once or twice a week is requested.


Vinegar - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

In some places, adding vinegar over food is a usual one and meanwhile, in some other places. People may wonder about adding vinegar over the food.

Generally, vinegar helps to maintain a proper balance over some rich foods. It helps to regulate the blood pressure of our body. It’s request to add vinegar at a very minimal amount in food and also not regularly.

Velvet apples

Velvet apples - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

Velvet apples are one of the best fruit that is available rare at several markets. It has high potassium and vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin c, and complex b vitamins in it.

Since it has high potassium, it reduces the hunger level more. It gives more energy and also a well-balanced diet to our body. The vitamins in velvet apples are use to build a proper immune system, improve eye vision, and also act as a carrier for various nutrients. Having a velvet apple in a day is sufficient for a day to fulfill with more nutrients.

Victoria plums

Victoria plums - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

Generally, plums are rich in antioxidants, have high in vitamins and minerals as well. These antioxidants reduce the aging factor of the skin which helps to make young, which means the cells of your body was protect from being break up.

It is good for the heart that prevents stroke and other diseases, and it reduces cancer factors as well. It prevents inflammation of the body and maintains good digestion. Having plums every day is good for our health.


Vanaspati - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

If you want to add more taste or to get good crispy food, vanaspati is add as an ingredient for that kind of food. It is a strict suggestion that vanaspati must not be consume by people who are obese, because it is not good for our hearts and maintaining diet as well, where it consists of complete trans fats in it. Vanaspati can consume only on rare occasions and not regularly.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil - Healthy 7 foods that start with V

It is the most common ingredient that has use all over the world for general purposes as well. Vegetable oils are use to cook most of the food items that are free from all the trans fats and are good for the heart as well.

It helps to maintain the diet of our body, also a proper blood pressure along with good digestion. The only thing is kindly to use the fresh vegetable oil for cooking which contains many nutrients. Having vegetable oil every day is good for our health.

Last words:

These are some of the foods that start with “v”, which may or may not try from your side. Almost all the above-stated foods are vegetarians that suit maximum for vegans, even for non-vegans that suits on their concern. Just try out the foods that start with V and keep it simple.

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