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Hello, this is Vaishali, bringing you forth on this page of Delicious Recipes. These are veg and homemade with unique toppings. Also, has freshly made to suit your taste buds. These are very much easy to make and are beginner-friendly.

If you are a vegetarian, and you want to taste new recipes. Also, have more vegetables for lunch then this is the right page where you hopped on to.

As we know that vegetables are very much nutritious. In case of any disease, Doctors prescribe natural remedies. Apart from medicines to treat diseases. One example of the most important and nutritious diet is the inclusion of vegetables.

Here on this page, you will find both popular. Even unique and authentic recipes. Which if you prepare, you can have the taste of the new recipe. Newly punched vegan diet and also win the heart of your guests arriving at your home.

Most of my recipes deal with vegetables, spices, and herbs.

Always including leafy greens in the diet is very much beneficial for the health.

For example, let us consider beans. I have one recipe for lunch, like French beans sabji. What are the possible health benefits that beans can give?

Firstly, they are rich in protein. Which is a key nutrient required for your body for good maintenance and repair.

They even reduce the risks of the development of cancer and are also good for the liver.

The recipes that I prepared are tasty and as well as benefitting for us in a very important way. We naturally consume the maximum amount of meals at our lunch. So we should include a meal that is helpful for our body.

Many of us live away from our homes or maybe work in a place in a definite time when we cannot cook and eat it for lunch. But, we should keep in mind. That processed foods and foods. Those are found outside. They deliver more calories and also give adverse health benefits in day-to-day life. Try cooking or carry food prepared from your home. It will avoid consuming lunch from outside every day. This is my other intention to bring up this page for those people. Who leads a busy life, my recipes are easy and also suitable for making in a short period. Just ponder upon these and try it yourself.

Many of us are completely vegetarian, even avoiding onion for our food, so for them even I have the recipe of Matka Kadhi that is without onion, both tasty and the one that is preferable for you. Another one is the mixed veg recipe known as Mixed Sprouts Sabji, and for Capsicum lovers – I have a recipe of seasoned Capsicum with butter, suitable for eating with Parathas. So what’s the wait, come let’s go on and note down the essentials for cooking the recipes.