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Essential Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons


Every one of us eats to live, and into those, some of us live to eat. You either from the first case or second case, we have to eat foods healthy that benefits our body to do sufficient work in day to day life, and in particular we will take certain foods more because of two reasons

1.) We love to take the food.

2.) We need to take the food.

When it comes to needing, they will be a certain requirement of that part in our body. If in case you are facing Night blindness, your face looks more aging, and bones are too weak, to improve your reproductive system, am damn sure you need Vitamin A to improve those factors, and here I am listing out some of the tastiest foods so that your need and love for food will get combined.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

If you are a person who loves to have non-vegetarian the first choice which primarily contains Vitamin A is the Liver. The liver and its products such as liver pate are rich in Vitamin A, and there is one small piece of advice, consumption of liver once a week is advisable. If you are a pregnant lady don’t consume the Liver till the time of pregnancy.

If in case you are a person who loves to consume Vitamin A everyday rather than once a week, there is a great one to have.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

This is the most important vegetable that every human must-have. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals. You can consume carrot even as raw or you can have it as a juice. A 100gram of carrot contains 16706IU of Vitamin A. This is the most preferable and advisable ingredient for Vitamin A, even the doctor’s best photos well.

We all love to have our body in a well-shaped and to be fit, we too use to go for Gym and engage in other fitness works as well. For those people, this food is their best friend.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

Many of us know that eggs are rich in protein, but it also contains Vitamin A. Especially the yellow yolk is rich in Vitamin A, where most of us refuse to have that. Having an egg a day will maintain your body weight and improve your bone strength as well.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

If you are a person who cares about your fair skin as well, then Cheese and other dairy products are the best ones for both Vitamin A and Fairness. A cheese contains around 1002IU of Vitamin A, which contains a little fat but it keeps your skin fair as well.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

The next source for Vitamin A is the king of Fruits. One of the best tastiest fruit that almost everyone love to have. So hereafter when you are seeing mangoes the thing which comes to your mind will be Vitamin A. A medium 100gram mango contains 1082IU of Vitamin A. You either can have it as raw or make it as a juice and consume it.

One most important things about consuming Vitamin A is it may reduce the risk factors of Cancer. So having Vitamin A is a mandatory process.

Okay!! Let’s explore some more foods now.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

“Am Popeye the sailor man”, “Am Popeye the sailor man”, When you read the word spinach the one thing which comes to your mind is this song? Lol!! Of course, Spinach is the most important vegetable that everyone must have, high rich content in iron, minerals, and vitamins. Don’t consume spinach during dinner that takes more time for digestion. Kindly have it during breakfast or lunchtime where 100gms of spinach contains 4277IU of Vitamin A.


Vitamin A food with Pros & Cons

A nice steamed sweet potato is another vegetable that contains a high rich content of Vitamin A. It contains 14,187IU of Vitamin A which users can consume as lunch. It is preferable that you can have it as a side dish and consuming once a week is preferable. Because it may lock the passage of airflow in your body which happens majorly at the spinal cord when you consume it excessively.

And there is a point to note that since Vitamin A is fat-soluble, it is more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream when eaten with fat. Most animal-sourced foods that are rich in Vitamin A are also high in fat, but the same doesn’t apply to most plant sources of Vitamin A. You can improve your absorption of Vitamin A from plant sources by adding a dash of oil to your salad.

Last Words:

Every good thing must have a limit. Similarly consuming a certain vitamin or mineral also has its limit. Consuming Vitamin A is great. But it is having its limits for both men and women.

The amount of vitamin A adults aged between 19 and 64 need is:

*700 mcg a day for men

*600 mcg a day for women

and you may ask all of a sudden, What If the consumption of Vitamin A will be higher than this limit.

Having an excessive amount of Vitamin A will make your bones weak and in the future, it may cause fractures once you get old. Even it will cause cracked lips, headache, dry skin, hair loss, and elevations of blood calcium levels as well.

Pregnant ladies must take Vitamin A with care, even it affects an unborn baby when you intake as much as excessive.

But don’t get afraid after reading those causing factors, it all happens when you exceed the limit.

Enjoy within the limit and have healthy foods and enjoy your life.

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