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Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

High in biotin [B7] Foods & natural sources of biotin


Vitamin B7 or Bitcoin is among the most important and valuable vitamins needed by our body. It plays a vital role in a person’s life. It maintains the blood sugar level and regulates the growth of hair, nails, and skin. During pregnancies, it notes that the baby remains healthy throughout. Biotin is needed for Various Metabolic activities. That say the consumption of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Here is a list of some food items that are high in Biotin also, natural sources of biotin.

Coconut Pudding

Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Coconut Pudding is high in Biotin also B Vitamins. They have a high amount of nutrition and also help to cure the effects of bacteria. With its consumption there is an increase in juice, blood, and semen, etc. Also, it is a nutritious diet for weak, ailing persons. Its use removes weakness And it is good for strengthening our immunity.


Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Peanuts fall under the category of those foodstuffs which are high in Biotin. It also helps the body by carrying out various metabolic activities which are needed by our body.

Consumption of these nutritious peanuts in winter makes the body strong and healthy. With its consumption, there is an increase in strength and semen. It also helps in the purification of blood.


Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Jowar contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B7, vitamin B9, and Vitamin ‘A’, Vitamin ‘E’, and nutrients. Like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc are found in abundance.

According to Ayurveda, jowar is cold, dry. Also, light in digestion, and slightly semen and urogenital. It helps remove blood disorders and profuse phlegm pitta. It is of two types, white and red. White jowar is particularly beneficial and powerful for health. It is beneficial in piles, wounds, and anorexia.

Jowar helps keep the cholesterol level under control.

It has high fiber content and low glycemic index (GI). That is, jowar does not increase blood sugar rapidly and in large quantities. Therefore, it is very beneficial in diabetes. In diabetes, by stopping the consumption of wheat, honey, and rice. Eating jowar roti, blood sugar is easily controlled.

Anti-cancer components are found in jowar.

Obesity is a serious problem that can lead to problems like diabetes and heart disease. Due to the high amount of fiber in jowar and it is quickly satiating, it protects against obesity.

Henceforth, it is good for our health.

Bael leaves

Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Due to the present chaotic lifestyle, food tree irregularity, improper diet, excessive mental stress. Also, it create acidity, stomach, intestinal lesions (peptic enlargement & duodenal ulcer), duodenum (IBS), etc. In addition, increase in diseases of the digestive system. is going. For the eradication of these diseases, among the medicines mentioned in Ayurveda. the most important medicine is Bael.

The powder of unripe fruit of bael strengthens the digestive power, binds the stool, and is anti-phlegm. It helps in eradicating frequent diarrhea, dysentery, bloody piles, duodenal disease (IBS), and intestinal wounds by increasing.

the efficiency of the intestines.

Vitamin A, B-1, B-2, and C in bael fruit and nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, many more are plentiful.

Bael leaves, fruits, and roots – all parts are full of medicinal properties. Bael is also useful for getting spiritual benefits along with physical-mental health.


Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Many people sieve wheat flour and throw away its sees bran (husk) as a waste, but that bran is very beneficial for us. Due to the nutrients and fiber contained in wheat bran. It is a health provider and disease preventive.

Get nutrients like zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorous. Also, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and vitamin E in bran. According to scientific research, bran solution increases the number of immunoglobulins in the blood. Which increases the immunity of the body. And Bran is an excellent source of prebiotics. Which are the beneficial bacteria that live in our intestines. Due to this, the growth of those bacteria is beneficial, and the intestine becomes healthy. It increases the amount of stool and the activity and strength of the intestine.

The use of bran protects against colon cancer and colon cancer.

Hence, it is the ultimate food that is needed by our body.


Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Makhana strengthens bones and is beneficial in constipation. It is a high in biotin as Vitamin B-1 is found in it, which helps in the functions of brain cells. Eye weakness, joint pain, hypertension, and it is beneficial in heart diseases. It is beneficial even in old age, as it does not allow wrinkles to appear on the skin.


Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Nuts are energy-rich healthy food. Soak 6-7 almonds in water and take it dry in summer and dry it in winter. Also, eat walnuts, pistachios, and peanuts. You will get protein, fat fiber, minerals, and vitamins. As well as these things, are also a source of anti-oxidants. By taking a handful of nuts throughout the day, you will remain energized and healthy too.


Which foods are high in biotin [B7] and natural sources of biotin

Dates act as a tonic. Vitamin A, B1, B-2, B-3, B-5, and many nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. are found in these. It gives instant strength, invigorating, immunity, and digestion power. They give strength to the Heart and Brain.

By increasing the blood, they remove anemia. They are very beneficial for women, especially pregnant women. They strengthen all the organs of the body. Also, they contain a lot of natural sugars. Instead of adding sugar to milk, mixing soaked 2-3 dates by grinding is beneficial for the body.

They destroy the harmful bacteria that are in the intestines. They are beneficial in problems like stomach and intestinal infections, constipation, etc.

Other natural sources with high in biotin

Biotin being the essential element of our body. It can be obtained naturally through the consumption of eggs and meats.

They contain a good quantity of B Vitamins and are sufficient to fulfill human needs.

Also, certain dairy items that do fall under this category are:- milk and yogurt.

Last Word

The point to be noted is that our body produces enough amounts of biotin. That our body needs from the diet foods. Which we eat daily and that’s why extra supplements of biotin. It must not be take until and unless state by a doctor on rare health conditions.

Because biotin may cause certain negative impacts on our body. When consumed in large quantities.

Mostly the deficiency of biotin is seen to be very less. It can be observe throughout such consequences. like hair fall and scaly red rash and one could easily notice it.

Henceforth, one should be aware of it.

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