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Get all Marvelous Folic Acid – Survivor of Our Body

Folic Acid


We live with oxygen, without it not only us even concrete will convert into ashes in a mean time of 5 seconds. What happens if our body doesn’t carry oxygen. when you read this your mind will be going through some imaginations regarding this, and we will have a thought that we have to take a sufficient amount of carriers that carry oxygen in our body. Such carriers are called Folic Acid.

So now you would get an idea of how much folic acid is important for us, as it carries healthy red blood cells in our body. If we lack folic acid our body carries unhealthy large red blood cells.

It is a B-type vitamin that is resembled as B9. It even develops the spine and bones in the fetus.


GARBANZO BEANS has Folic Acid it is Survivor of Our Body

This is one of the best natural sources also known as chickpeas. These beans are almost favorite for everyone as it is enrich with equivalent protein to chicken and beef.

Chickpeas are the best foods for bodybuilders, and it also makes you feel full. It is advisable to have chickpeas after soaking them in water and having it, on a day up to 6-7 chickpeas gives you a daily requirement of folic acid. It is high in fiber, and it helps to maintain your body weight as well. A cup of chickpeas contains 161 mg of folic acid.

  • Since Folic acid is also a water-soluble vitamin, it is necessary to have foods that contain Folic Acid every day.


BRUSSELS SPROUTS has Folic Acid it is Survivor of Our Body

It is a seed-shaped vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family. It is high in Vitamin K, and it helps to maintain a healthy sugar level, so that diabetic patient can have these sprouts without any hesitation.

You can even add these sprouts to your daily meal as it maintains your healthy diet and even it has a rich amount of C- vitamin, it even improves your resistance against oxidative stress. Along with those factors it even carries folic acid as a half cup of Brussels sprouts contains 47mg of folic acid.


SPINACH has Folic Acid it is Survivor of Our Body

We already have a look at spinach in Vitamin A, as I suggest that it is good for your eyes even it has a high amount of fiber content, which makes your muscle strong makes your brain active, good quantity in producing iron and zinc that improves your bone strength.

We can have it even every day as well. But it is request not to have spinach during dining time. A raw cup of spinach contains 58 mg of folic acid.


WHITE RICE has Folic Acid it is Survivor of Our Body

This is the most common food that we have in our daily routine. When it comes to meals we feel full and it is rich in carbs, high in starch contents, and more amount in carbohydrates, which is a must need food that you can’t avoid in your daily food list.

But when you steam white rice in a pressure cooker it is not good for your health as you have to suggest a doctor have baked rice in a pressure cooker if you have diabetes. A bowl of cooked white rice recipe contains up to 220 mg of folic acid.


WHITE BREAD has Folic Acid it is Survivor of Our Body

Do you know why bread is preferred at hospitals? or even when you feel sick you will take some slices of bread along with milk. Do you know why?

Because bread is the simplest food that can be chew and it provides a good amount of folic acid that develops a good amount of red blood cells which carry oxygen and that good intake of oxygen will get back your body to normal. A slice of bread contains 35mg. You can make white bread at home with my homemade bread recipe.


If you need to have folic acid in foods other than the above suggestions, you can go for beef liver, broccoli, avocado juice, beetroot juice, Apple, enriched spaghetti, asparagus as well. These foods also have similar qualities that I mentioned above.

It is recommend that you must have at least 400mg of folic acid per day as an adult and for pregnant ladies, it is up to 1000mg per day.

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