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Winter Food

When we live, we take foods that are so hot and spicy, which happens during the winter season. This is because winter is the season that has more nighttime. It is integrated with a cool breeze and rainy storms as well. In some cases, it may be even worse than the presence of hazardous cyclones and tornadoes. In the winter season, we prefer to settle down in our home, wearing a jacket, fans off, making ourselves warm in front of the fire, having a family dinner, and so on.

In those cases, we not only expect the external factors but also some of the internal ones. Well, when it comes to the internal one apart from food nothing is going to be our concern.

We all need hot foods like clear soup added with pepper, hot corn, chicken, fish, hot chocolate, and more. But all these foods we prefer to eat because of the taste and the warmth they give.

We must have to choose foods to eat at least once a day so that we will get enough warmth to maintain our temperature. It is necessary to take more nuts during wintertime. It maintains your warmth and along with that, it gives more nutrient values. Especially we need two vitamins mandatory at the time of winter, is Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

About Vitamin D you are well known about it. This is a sunshine vitamin, which helps you to build your cells in your skin. Also, it creates plenty of warmth to protect you from winter. But during winter we won’t get proper sunshine, so it is necessary to take vitamin D through foods.

For vitamin D you can have hot milk, chicken, fish, and eggs. Whether chicken and fish are the ones we will take or once or twice a week. But you can take an egg and milk every day to maintain the warmness.

Next comes Vitamin C. During the winter season we tend to get affected more by diseases and fall sick. Sometimes it leads to a serious issue. To protect us from it, we have to develop our tissue. We need to intake valuable foods that involve repairing that tissue as well. For that purpose, Vitamin C is very important. It boosts collagen which helps to develop and repair tissues. It prevents us from colds and protects our skin. Because once our skin gets affected then it’s easy for pathogens to enter our body. It also improves and boosts our blood flow, our metabolism, internal organs, and immune system. Which helps to fight against any disease.

So now I hope you had understood how much those vitamins and warm foods are important to maintain our body in cold conditions. We do list out some foods that are both delicious and have high nutritional values which make our body warm. So let’s take a look at it and make our family warm along with those recipes and taste buds.