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5 Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time

by Vaishali Dhami
5 Traditional farali dishes


Fasts are incomplete without Traditional farali dishes. And festivals are incomplete without fasts. So, indirectly festivals are incomplete without delicious Traditional farali dishes! Farali dishes are mostly delicious and easy to make. India is a country of diversity. But, it has unity in diversity. The same goes for the celebration of the festival. Various kinds of festivals are celebrated all over India. And thus this variety of festivals demands a variety of farali dishes.

List of traditional farali dishes:

Here you will learn about Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time:-

Sabudana Bade

5 Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time

It is one of the popular farali dishes. Almost all festivals have this farali dish in common. Also, sabudana is good for health; thus it is preferred more than any other farali dish. Also, it is very simple to make.

  • All you need is just boil the sabudana until they turn soft.
  • Then put some corn flour in them to maintain their texture. You can also add some spices if you want.
  • Now, prepare the dough with your hands. And then put it on the oil-filled pan to fry. Also, fry them until they turn light brown. And there you go!
  • Delicious sabudana vada is ready to eat then. Also, sabudana has much quantity of starch in them.
  • So, it gives full-day energy to the body. It can be eaten during the time of fasts.
  • Specifically, this farali dish is made during the time of Navratri.
  • So, one must prepare and enjoy the sabudana dish during the time of Navratri!

Aloo Kadhi

5 Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time

Here comes another delicious farali dish made during festivals. Kadhi made with potatoes! Indians are creative in very many ways. They can turn a simple vegetable into a versatile dish and make them delicious. Aloo ki Kadhi is one of them. Who thought of potatoes being a farali dish? But, it is true. Aloo Kadhi is very simple and easy to make. Also, it is preferred by many Indians during festival time. Its easiness makes it preferential to make.

  • All you have to do is boil some potatoes. Then peel their skin off and cut them into pieces.
  • Now, in the pan boil some water and put salt in it according to taste.
  • Now put additional spices in it. Also, now stir them up. After this put those cut pieces of potatoes in the pan. And then mix them.
  • Here it is ready to enjoy.

You can eat this at breakfast time to fulfill the whole day’s energy during the fast. Being delicious many people love this farali dish. Also, potatoes include important vitamin properties so, it becomes healthy to eat.  And thus, you can enjoy this healthy as well as delicious farali dish during festivals!

Rice Dhokla

5 Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time

This farali dish is different from the Old styled bored recipes of pakoras. It is one of the unique Traditional farali dishes prepared during the time of fasts. Also, rice is good for health so, this dish has many health benefits. And this dish is easy to make.

Here is its recipe:-

  • In a pan roast rice and don’t let them turn brown.
  • Now to make its batter, mix rice with salt, yogurt, and paste of ginger.
  • Put this mixture into a container and left it there for the entire night. So, it has a soft texture.
  • Now in a tin put the above-made batter in it.
  • Put this tum in the steamer and cook it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • And then, check if it is cooked.
  • Now in a pan heat oil and add pepper and cumin and then spread it over the dhokla.
  • Finally, cut these dhoklas into pieces.
  • And here it is ready to eat.

You can make this delicious farali dish. During the time of festivals and enjoy its delicious taste!

Farali aloo chips

5 Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time

This is one of the easiest and quickest Traditional farali dishes which can be make during the times festival. This chip is better than regular potato chips. Because it is sprinkle with pepper and rock salt. These two spices add good taste to this dish. This is not only a farali dish but also a regular basis snack you can eat in the evening time.

Here it’s the recipe:-

  • Peel the outer skin of potatoes and cut them into thin slices.
  • Now heat oil in a pan for a few minutes.
  • Now, put these sliced pieces of potatoes in an oil-filled pan.
  • Fry them until they turn light brown.
  • Take this out in a tray.
  • Then sprinkle some pepper and rock salt over them to enhance their taste.
  • And here it is ready.

You can also store this dish for many days in a container. You can enjoy this dish at times of festival. Farali aloo chips are way better and easier to make. Regular chips are not as tasty as farali chips. So, one must make this farali dish during the times festival and enjoy its delicious taste!

Farali bhel

5 Traditional farali dishes that are made during your festival time

Here comes another month watering farali dish prepared during times of occasions. Farali bhel is very easy to make. It is both a quicker and tastier dish that you can make at home easily. This dish satisfies the taste during times of fast. Farali bhel can also be prepare on a regular basis as it is good in taste and also has health benefits.

Here is the recipe for making farali bhel:-

  • For bhel, make chutney of coriander which is spicy.
  • Now, in a container put puffed rice (mumra), above prepared green chutney, and some spices.
  • Then, mix them well.
  • You can also add boiled sweet potatoes for additional taste in them.
  • And here it is ready to eat.

Last Words:

You can enjoy this delicious recipe during festivals. Farali bhel is also lightweight so, it does not cause any kind of stomach ache. Also, its lightweight property makes it a good evening snack to enjoy. So, make this farali bhel on the time’s occasions and enjoy it with your family.

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