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Gujarati Recipes

The people of Gujarat have perfected the art of vegetarian cooking and their cuisine is delectable and mouthwatering. The traditional Gujarati Thali is one of the best ways to know Gujarati Cuisine. Perhaps the best way to know a state is to cut to the heart of the extraordinary culture of Gujarat is by exploring its cuisine.

A Gujarati Food Or Gujarati thali recipes typically comprise of one or two steamed or fried snacks called farsan, a green vegetable, a tuber or a gourd shaak (vegetables and spices mixed together into a curry or a spicy dry dish), a kathol (braised pulses like beans, chickpea or dry peas), one or more yogurt dishes like dahi, kadhi, raita or sweet shrikhand, rice or khichdi, daal usually toor dal, and sweets like halwa, basundi or shrikhand. Much detailing goes into creating a balance of tastes and textures.