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Hi, welcome to Veg Recipes with Vaishali. Here I bring up recipes for veg lovers and my Veg Friends. Most importantly covering every meal, from breakfast to lunch, evening snacks, and up to dinner. I think that keeping the Breakfast simple yet tasty is the ideal one for a busy morning.


By following my recipes, you can have a morning that will be delicious. It will spice up your energy to work even better.


You will crave this meal, early in the morning before starting for work, following my amazing ideas of breakfast. Which are simple and not at all time-consuming.


Types of breakfasts:

Adding more vegetables to your diet will solve many health issues. It will always keep you energetic and healthy in the long run. So let’s see the types of breakfasts that I have prepared for you all.


First is Palak Paneer and Cheese Spinach Sandwich. This is veg, as well as tasty and also serves a healthy filling to your body. Let’s see the benefits.


Paneer as we know are beneficial for building a strong healthy immune system. It is good for our bones and teeth. Helps reduce the development of cancer, also good for our digestive system. Cheese is a component of milk, so it is loaded with calcium. And Calcium as we know is the necessary component for building strong bones and teeth.


Lastly, Spinach helps in weight loss. It has anti-inflammatory agents for problems related to diseases. Like Crohn’s disease or arthritis. Spinach is rich in anti-oxidants and so helps to keep us away from stress.


Breakfast is the first meal in the day that should be consumed fully. Many of us think of skipping breakfast, for losing weight. But that’s not at all a good idea, because, this instead slows our metabolism rate. After one whole night, not having breakfast leads our body. To have a capacity much lower to burn calories fast. So skipping breakfast is not at all a good idea.


So loading the first diet in a day with healthy ingredients is always preferred.


Another recipe that I came up with is hot chocolate coffee. This is a famous recipe that is loved by almost all. Having chocolate in the morning energizes us. As we know that Chocolate is a great stress booster. Also, a component that boosts the power of the nervous system. If you are going to study in the morning, then it is a good idea to first start with hot chocolate. Then concentrate on your studies. As that will help you to memorize your text more effectively.

Last Words:

So what’s the wait? Jump off to my page, search for the various dishes mentioned here, and go as per your choice. Now change your breakfast routine to something much amazing and useful.