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Biotin (Vitamin B7) – The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty



We all have a habit that we’re standing in front of the mirror, seeing our faces, complementing our beauty, we comb our hair, etc. We all maintain constant attention towards our hair, as it is one of the most important things that take care of our hair. So i will share with you the ideal sources of biotin [vitamin B7].

Like other B-Vitamins, biotin is also responsible for the metabolic activities of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and in addition to that, it carries another function that is responsible for the growth of hair and nails.

So, to take care of your beauty, it is essential to have enough biotin.

List of Biotin (Vitamin B7) Foods:


EGG YOLKS - Biotin (Vitamin B7) - The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty

The available domestic source in our kitchen is eggs. The yolk of the egg which means the center yellow part is enriched in biotin. This is a very good source for hair growth, people suffering from hair loss can use this to get good growth.

Since it has a high amount of cholesterol it is suggested for those who intend to weight loss. Apart from that, it has high nutrients and one cooked egg contains 10mg of biotin.


BANANA - Biotin (Vitamin B7) - The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty

Another domestic food/fruit that avails in our garden is bananas. Since most of us plant bananas in our homes or are available in neighbors’ homes, it is very easy to get those tasty fruits.

Banana has numerous medicinal qualities, as it digests your stomach when your tummy struggles to digest the food. It has high potassium which makes your brain active, helps in the reduction of your weight, makes you feel full when you were hungry.

You can make banana pancakes from banana also eat with some delicious chocolate roll. Many people drink banana smoothie or banana milkshake. Making some variation of banana fruit, it will help to eat with being interested.

It has high anti-oxidant values, which reduce oxidative stress and prevent cell damage. 100 grams of banana contains 0.2 mg of Biotin.


WALNUT - Biotin (Vitamin B7) - The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty

This is one of the healthy nuts in the nut category. This contains polyphenol which is an ultimate source for hair growth and even soaps and shampoos are made with the help of this. Walnut gives instant energy as it long lasts for more time.

That’s why athletes are consuming this kind of nuts in their routine. It also helps to boost reproduction as well. Walnuts are high in biotin as it contains 9.5 mg of biotin per bowl.


ALMOND - Biotin (Vitamin B7) - The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty

After walnut, almonds are the nuts that are rich in biotin. We can have 6-8 almonds per day that can be soaked in water during the night, and they can be consumed in the morning to bed so that your skin gets more healthy as well as your hair.

There will be a healthy growth of hormones. It also helps to boost reproduction, and it activated your brain, where kids during school days can have it to get a good memory skill. A quarter cup of roasted almond contains 1.5 mg of biotin.


PEANUTS - Biotin (Vitamin B7) - The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty

If you feel that both walnut and almond are high in cost, then there is an easily affordable way to have enough biotin, called peanuts.

It is a ground-type nut that has seasonal periods, but it is less in cost. You can consume the peanuts even in raw form, or by frying, it, or even you can steam it.

According to my, steamed peanuts along with milk has more medical values that give you instant energy and are rich in protein and Vitamins, especially biotin. You can have peanuts even every day, and you can add them to your diet list as well.

People eat peanuts in fasting days. You can make peanuts khichdi, peanuts barfi or peanuts sweets. Which help you to be energize whole day on fast.


YEAST - Biotin (Vitamin B7) - The Necessary Vitamin For Beauty

Yet we found another best source for biotin, its yeast. It not only has biotin but also has several nutritional values, and we can find reason biscuits, cakes, flours, pastries, etc.

You can have yeast every day, like 2 tablespoons of yeast consisting of 21 mg of biotin, and my suggestion is when you have rice which was steam the day before you eat, kindly our some water and have it the next day morning.

It helps you in digesting system, increases your stamina, and makes your body cool.


Since I can suggest some other foods like oats in the morning, organ meats like liver and kidney, avocado, fortified cereals are some of them that also contain biotin.

Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, it must be consume every day and its deficiency leads to thinning of hair, hair loss, rashes in our eyes, ears, etc.

It is necessary that on average you have to consume 30 mg of biotin per day and for ladies who are breastfeeding it is up to 35mg.

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