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Unbelievable Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

Vitamin E


Every Vitamin has its special tendency and each of them has its role. In that case, Vitamin E has its cup of tea where it is the only one to do this stuff.

Here we will have a small chat about how the vitamin helps us and where we can find this one.

Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress, which means just imagine that you are rushing in your bike or car which you do every day in your day-to-day routine, during the traffics while going to the office or from office to home. Your body will get stressed and the cells were exposed to molecules called free radicals.

These free radicals will weaken and break the healthy cells which tend to result in chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, etc.

List of Vitamin E Foods:

To prevent us from this, Vitamin E is playing a major role as it reduces oxidative stress.

So, let us explore some delicious foods that contain vitamin E to enjoy that every day.


ROASTED ALMONDS - Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

Almonds are the best part of this Vitamin E article, where it produces an enormous amount of nutrients along with Vitamin E, which reduces the oxidative stress that helps you to prevent cell damage.

Since it contains magnesium it helps to maintain the blood pressure level as well. But per day it is requested to take 5 almonds at a time because of its enormous capability. As it provides 37% of RDI for a 100gram of almond. It even prevents you from heart disease.


HAZLENUT - Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

Hazelnuts possess the same features as almonds do. It can also be had as snacks every day which contains 21% of RDI for 100 grams of it.

It also reduces oxidative stress, good for the heart, and reduces the risk of cancer factors. It will be delicious when you add some flavors of chocolate to it. Kids will easily fall for this.

you may ask that what if we like to have some crunchy edibles to have as snacks. Will, it affects us? and the answer is of course not if you have those crunchies by using this.


SUNFLOWER OIL - Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

When you have anything to eat by using this one, you will be pretty safe to have anything you like, because the vitamin E in Sunflower oil prevents us from arthritis, those who are working as a chef or a cook is mandatory to have this in your food list as it prevents you from asthma as well.

It improves your heart health and skin health as well so that even after aging your cells won’t die that making you young even in the ’50s. Whereas 1 teaspoon of oil contains 3mcg of Vitamin E.


PEANUT BUTTER - Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

In this busy world, we are running fast like a bullet to earn, earn and earn and we forget to have proper healthy food and also to maintain our diet.

For this problem, there is an exact solution call peanut butter which is a quick meal and a snack that you can carry everywhere and you can maintain a proper diet with adequate health.

This rapidly improves the nutrients and it reduces your body weight as well. From vegans to bodybuilders this is the best-suited food to have and additionally, it’s more delicious as well. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains 3mcg of Vitamin E.

*One more interesting fact about Vitamin E is, it is a fat-soluble compound that has been stored in the liver, and it has been used when needed.


AVACADO - Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

The best fruit that has been enjoy in recent days is Avacado. Apart from other fruits, it contains a high amount of healthy fats, where is high in potassium than a banana which is the most important one, this makes your brain more active and maintains your diet, because potassium salts must be consume in our day to day meal. It contains Vitamin E to 10%of RDI.

Hey!! why you didn’t talk anything about non-vegetarians, you may ask like that since Vitamin E has been find best in all the plant-based and fruits some fleshy tasty meats have been counted on Vitamin E.


SOCKEYE SALMON - Vitamin E, Necessary For Current Lifestyle

This fleshy fish carries the same characteristics as roasted almonds, it reduces oxidative stress, prevents heart disease, etc, etc. If you love to have a hard meal with Vitamin E you can go for this one. The fried one will be more delicious.

*It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, whereas white tuna, lobster, and octopus contain the same with some quite amount of vitamin E.

Functions :

Vitamin E carries some main functions in our body which includes,

*It is an antioxidant. This means it protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals. Free radicals can harm cells, tissues, and organs. They are believe to play a role in certain conditions related to aging.

*It helps keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria.

*It helps form red blood cells and widen blood vessels to keep blood from clotting inside them.

*It helps the body use Vitamin K.

*Cells also use vitamin E to interact with each other. It helps them carry out many important functions.

Last Words:

If you lack Vitamin E you will find difficulties in walking, muscles will get weakened, vision problems, poor immune system as well.

If the deficiency continues longer it may cause blindness, dementia, serious neurological problems, poor reflexes and it is impossible to move your body as well.

It’s enough to take 1000mcg of Vitamin E if the limit exceeds it may cause pro-oxidant effects which are reverse version of anti-oxidant effects, and it leads to oxidative stress.

So enjoy your foods within your limit and stay healthy.

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