Healthy and quick summer treats for kids

Fruit salad

Fruits like watermelon, melon, and strawberry are very popular on summer days. These fruits are also very good for health. So, we can just mix them up with some regular masalas and enjoy eating them.

Mango popsicles

This recipe is one of the favorite recipes of kids. Kids wait for summer only to have delicious mango. Mango popsicle is very easy to make.

Frosted Strawberries

This is a creative, as well as decorative homemade snack one, can easily make. You will require only two ingredients to make this snack.


It is an excellent snack for kids because it is rich in calcium and protein. Summers are incomplete without refrigerated snacks, and this yogurt is one of them.


Cheese is the most common and preferred snack for kids in summer. Cheese is a good source of fat, protein, and calcium. These minerals boost metabolic activities in a child’s body.

Banana Ice Cream

This snack is a favorite snack for kids. Since every child loves eating ice cream so, why not make it healthier? So, here is the way to enjoy a healthier ice cream.

Watermelon popsicles

It would be one of the favorite snacks for kids. This is very easy to make. All you need is to mix watermelon and some sugar in a container. And then mix it well.

Sweet potato chips

One of the easiest and super quick snacks parents can make at home and give to their kids. These chips are healthy and nutrient-dense.

Frozen grapes

his is a simple as well as a quick ready-to-go snack you can prepare at home. Also, grapes are a source of vitamin K and vitamin C which makes the snack much healthier to eat.

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