How much juice in one lime?

it’s Healthy benefits

Helps in cleansing

The citric acid found in lime stimulates the liver. To give out bole and thus contributes to the detoxification of our body. It also helps to keep the urinary track clean. Hence, lime juice helps in cleansing our bodies.

Balances basicity level

Limes are acidic as they contain citric acid. But as soon as it gets inside our body, it becomes alkaline. The acid found in lime juice is metabolized by the body

Helps to get whiten and glow skin

The antioxidants contained in lime juice aids to lower wrinkles in our skin. Ascorbic acid found in lime aids in working bacteria against acne.

Stops spread of infection

Intake of lime juice or hot lemon water can stop the spread of infection as it works against it. It aids to clear our esophagus. It enhances our immunity to fight against bacteria

Aids to reduce coffee intake

Today, everyone is addicted to coffee. It has become common to start our morning with a cup of coffee. Lime juice is the best alternative for a cappuccino.

Improves the working of liver

According to researches, lime juice helps to enhance the efficiency of our liver. As Lime is rich in potassium, it fights against various problems related to the liver.

Aids in the digestion of the meal

Lemon helps to work against gas and acid content in our tummy, bloating, etc. Regular drinking of lemon juice in the morning helps inefficiency of our intestines.

Pregnancy care

Lemon juice is advantageous for childing mothers. Lime has great content of ascorbic acid and potassium content. That aid in the efficient growth of the infant.

Aids in refreshing

Lime juice helps to stimulate saliva release in our mouth as well as it. It also prevents a dry throat, which leads to bad breath caused by bacteria.

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