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Awesome Vitamin C Fruits: Essential For Today’s Life

vitamin c Essential For Today's Life


In this modern world, almost all of us lack the immune system. We easily get affected by several kinds of diseases, and in reality for every 3 months once we are being sick with different types of bacteria and viruses as well. And if you ask me to suggest a certain antioxidant to improve our immunity, then I can say vitamin C is the best choice.

So now we are going to talk about some foods that are rich in Vitamin C and almost 80% of the foods are we used to have.

Unfortunately, for those people who search for Vitamin C in Non-vegetarians, there is not a great availability for that, but still, there are some delicious fruits and vegetables which you guys must have at least a week or at most a day.


Vitamin C Fruits

The most common fruit that can be easily available and affordable by everyone is Guava. This is the best fruit or even food when it comes to vitamin C. This fruit rapidly increases your immune system and reduces the risk factors for cancer. It even cancels the odor smell of our mouth who are all facing those issues. It contains up to 228.3mcg of Vitamin C which is advisable to take every day.


Vitamin C Fruits

The second most available and most affordable fruit will be lemon. It acts as an antioxidant. Even while compared to other fruit juices, lemon juice is the best, because it contains up to 50%of water where other juices didn’t contain. It can easily reduce thirstily followed by water. A whole raw Lemon along with its peel contains 83mcg of Vitamin C.

One important fact, that having Vitamin C in your body will prevent you from being affected by scurvy.


Vitamin C Fruits

Lemon and Orange are more similar. Because both contain citric acid as Nature. The big difference is Orange is sweet but lemon doesn’t. Kids love to have sweet oranges, as it improves kids’ resistance against disease, a medium 100mg of Orange contains 53.2mcg excluding its Peel. Consuming Orange juice every day will make your skin more shiner.


Vitamin C Fruits

Unlike Lemon and orange strawberries can’t be afforded by everyone as it costs high, but it has high medicinal use. It is also an antioxidant like both mentioned above, it helps to prevent cancer, vascular disease, dementia, and diabetes. A half-cup of strawberries contains 89mcg of Vitamin C. Having 3 cups a day will reduce heart disease as well.

One of the best things about vitamin C is it is a water-soluble vitamin that can multiply our health benefits. But it can’t be produced by own of our body, so it is necessary to take Vitamin C in our daily diet.

Vitamin C boosts our immune system and produces collagen to maintain consecutive year tissues and heal our wounds.

Okay, next we are going to explore the most important fruit for youngsters and senior citizens as well.


Vitamin C Fruits

This is also known as Chinese gooseberry which is rich in vitamin C. The special ability of kiwi is having it 2-3 times a day will reduce the risk factors of a blood clot and strokes. One medium kiwi contains 79mcg of Vitamin C, and senior citizens should have Kiwi. “A kiwi a day keeps the stroke away”.


Vitamin C Fruits

The very odd one out in this list will be this. This is the only vegetable that has high rich content in Vitamin C. As a study says a man with a mid-age having broccoli will be resisted from heart disease and cancer factors. It is having similar capacities that spinach contains and having it at lunchtime is preferable. A half-cup of broccoli will contain 51mg of Vitamin C.


Vitamin C Fruits

Tomato is mostly used as a spice or an ingredient in our kitchen. It is one of the affordable vegetables that every one of us buys for daily usage. It does not even improve your immune system, also it makes your skin safe from Ultraviolet rays and makes your face shine. Tomato contains 1242UI of this vitamin which can be consumed every day by everyone.

Last Words:

Another important thing about this vitamin is, it can’t be stored in our body, we have to consume it every day in our regular diet which I mentioned before. An adult can contain 40mcg of Vitamin C per day.

If in case the limit has been exceeded more which is 1000mcg in a day, you will face some digestive problems that include stomach pain and diarrhea.

So take as per your need and enjoy it every day.

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