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Fantastic Vitamin D – Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

Vitamin D- Keep Bones Strong & Healthy


To live a basic and mandatory life we need three of these

  1. Food.
  2. Clothes
  3. Shelter

into that, we forget to add another one, which is called Vitamin D.

Once you read this, you may ask why vitamin D is that much important? For you, I just want to remind you of only one thing. Why Sun only contains Vitamin D rather than other vitamins. Is nutrient D is that special? Okay, let’s have a look at Vitamin D.

List of vitamin D sources foods:

*It absorbs calcium and phosphorus which intends to result in regulating the immune system.

*The adequate amount of Vitamin D helps to get proper growth of bones and teeth as well, and of course it creates resistance against certain diseases.

So it’s necessary to have nutrient D and let’s have a look at some of the delicious foods that consist of this nutrients and let’s enjoy our food.


SALMON - Vitamin D - Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

If you are a foodie who loves to taste some number of non-vegetarians, don’t forget to taste Salmon as it is rich in Vitamin D which has been consumed even by little children. This is one of the fatty fish which are delicious when it been fried or in curry. An average 100gram of Salmon contains 988IU of Vitamin D, so it is a must-take food even it is good for eyesight as well.


HERRING FISH - Vitamin D - Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

This is the other best source for Vitamin D. It not only contains Vitamin D but is also the best carrier for Omega 3 fatty acids which helps us to prevent heart disease and it even our brain functions properly. It is an all-rounder where it is even effective against arthritis and Crohn’s. One fillet of herring fish produces 307IU of Vitamin D. Like Salmon this is also the best source for Vitamin D to have, and it’s more preferable for old aged people.

While after reading these two you may have a mind-voice, “Hey!! wait for a second, since from the start you were talking about Non-vegetarian foods what about the vegetarian man”. If in case your mind strikes that, let’s look at some vegetarian stuff.


MUSHROOM - Vitamin D - Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

For those who are fond of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian almost everyone likes to have this plant. Mushroom is the best source when it comes to the vegetarian side, as by nature it is the best absorbent of Sunlight like us. It produces vitamin D2 which raised your blood levels and 100 grams of mushroom consists of 2300IU of nutrient D.

We all feel to be stressed and depressed at some point of time in our life. It’s not a sudden philosophy, don’t worry, it is helps to reduce the stress and depression in us. That’s why when we were outside, our body feels relaxed during the depression because of the vitamin D from the sunlight.

It also acts as a catalyst that boosts weight loss in our body, that’s why we are suggested to walk or jog During the early sunrise time.


FORTIFIED MILK - Vitamin D - Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

Even the fortified dairy products also carry a good amount of nutrient D. Those who love to have the dairy products can have fortified milk, curd, and yogurt, paneer, cheese which contains 115-130IU of nutrient D.

What if, you didn’t like to have dairy products? There is an ultimate solution


FORTIFIED ORANGE JUICE - Vitamin D - Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

Instead of milk, you can start your day, even your breakfast with fortified orange juice where a glass of it contains 100IU of this Vitamin, which even maintains your diet and skin fairness as well.

Luckily, we are all blessed that we will get nutrient D even when we forget to eat these above-mentioned foods. Well, you can easily guess that


SUNLIGHT - Vitamin D - Keep Bones Strong & Healthy

The ultimate source and a natural source, when our body gets to expose to it, automatically generate nutrient D, which develops our bone and teeth strong, reduce our weight, raises our bloodstream, etc. So it’s a mandatory process to go for a walk or a jog in the presence of sunlight, it’s advisable to go during the early morning time.

*When it comes to nutrient D you must take 600IU of Vitamin D through food in the presence of sunlight.

*When you didn’t expose to sunlight you have to take 800IU of Vitamin D through the food itself.


The role of this is that it absorbs calcium and that will increase your bone strength.

If you lack vitamin D your bones will get less dense, it may crack or get fractured, even it affects the mental stability of the old aged people.

and if you take more amount of it, there is a possibility that your kidney may get fails.

So, consume an adequate amount of nutrient D, Stay Strong!! Stay Safe!!

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