Good for your Liver

Foods that are

While hearing this some may wonder. like coffee saves the kidney from harmful diseases. This is because a myth has been created that coffee is bad for health


Even Tea joins the list, where tea is less effective in carrying the side effects to us. Since it is made up of leaves by nature it is fill with oxidant properties.


This is one of the most underrated fruits on the earth. Its pack with loads of nutrients where it is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is rich in Vitamin C.


The best jovial thing is, to protect our liver a liver is use to consume. Animal livers are rich in protein, high energy, and good fats.


It is one of the favorite fruits that everyone. likes to consume, whereas people prefer wine in most cases. as grapes are know for antioxidants


One of the best spices we use in most of our daily meals. Coriander is use as the last part of an ingredient in curries, pulao, and many more foods


Another essential spice that has been add to our daily routine is curry leaves. It is rich in polyphenol. where it takes place to take care of strengthening the hai

Curry Leaves

Soups are good for digestion. Whatever the soup maybe. whether it contains non-vegetarians. like chicken, mutton, and vegetarians.


It is also a kind of soup that has been use in south Indian meals for great digestion. Rasam contains tomato, spices, coriander, tamarind, and even more.


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