Benefits Of Mushrooms

Types of Mushrooms found in India

Types of Mushrooms

Milky Mushroom

The color of these mushrooms is bright white. The requirement of this mushroom is less but its yield is good, but people of West Bengal like to eat this mushroom.

Portabella Mushroom

This mushroom is native to North American grasslands and Europe. The portable mushroom is botanically known as Agaricus

Straw Mushroom

This fungus is known by many names such as Volvariella volvacea in botanical language, paddy straw mushroom another name, and also call Chinese mushroom.

Shiitake Mushroom

The botanical name of this mushroom is lenticular edodes. This mushroom is gaining popularity due to its medical properties.

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushroom is botanically known as Pleurotus ostratus and in Hindi. It is also known as Dhingri. Oyster Mushroom Looks Exactly Like Its Name.

Cremini Mushroom

Cremini is say to be the brother of the button mushroom. These mushrooms are delicious and the color of this mushroom cap is like coffee.

Button Mushroom

Button mushrooms are famous in India. Button mushrooms are easily available in the Indian market. You can also order it online from an online sales platform.

Benefits of Mushrooms

– mushrooms contain 80 to 90 percent water. This mushroom is very helpful for those who want to lose weight and who have a sugar problem.

– Its consumption strengthens the bones of the body. Because it helps the body absorb calcium and is also call meat by vegetarians.

– Button mushrooms are also known to improve gut bacteria.  It increases cancer-fighting properties in the body.

– Mushrooms are a vegetarian source of vitamin D2 for vegetarians.  To connect tissues in the body, to produce energy, antioxidants.

– Selenium and copper help the body perform all these processes. It’s really a good option for vegetarians. It is indeed a good option for vegetarians

– Mushrooms are more beneficial to eat in summer because of their cool nature. It is also able to help the body convert food into energy due to vitamin B6 and niacin.

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