Top 10 Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in USA

Chinese (76%)

China being miles away in a different continent gave Americans a unique culture and cuisine via the chinese people who migrated to the states. Americans’ love for the chinese is unimaginable. Food like chop suey, fried rice, egg rolls, and many more are eaten daily in the states.

Mexican (74%)

Mexico being a neighboring country gave the USA a diverse cuisine including burritos, tacos and tostada, and many more. Authentic Mexican cuisine is more popular. Because of its richness in flavors and use of fresh ingredients.

Italian (71%)

Italy is known as the land of pizzas and portions of pasta, all loaded with rich ingredients. The difference of harmony and abundance in American and Italian cuisine helped in gaining popularity.

Japanese (32%)

It was them who made locals interested in Japanese food and made them learn how to cook authentic Japanese cuisine. The colorful ingredients and the mixture of perfect Asian and western flavors attracted the citizens.

Greek (32%)

The ancient Greek culture had a rich variety of bread, pastries, fruits, and especially Greek yogurt. Also use of dill leaves, mint, garlic, and onion in the food made it more unique and interesting. Though, Americans love bread and fried food.

French (32%)

This made Americans more interested in it, and it was introduced in some parts of the country. The beef and meat used in the French food made it more attractive. French breakfasts like French toast, flamiche, and cassoulet are even staples for some.

Thai (24%)

Thailand is a traditional country with food including grains and pulses and especially seafood. The Thai curry is a must in this cuisine, with pad thai (fried noodles), gaeng dang (red curry), and tom khakhai(chicken in coconut soup), etc.

Spanish (22%)

That goes on with any toppings and is the best good for late-night cravings or when in no mood to cook. This food is more popular among children and teenagers and is many times. It sold in packets or sold in restaurants and cafés with any topping of your choice.

Indian (17%)

India, the land of spices, has a unique cuisine with food rich in spices, salt, sweet, and whatnot. Its unique flavor and interesting, mysterious and delicious tastes are what made it in the top 10. It includes naan, biryani.  Aloo Gobi, and sweets. Like rasgulla, gulab jamun, etc.

Mediterranean (16%)

The countries like Spain, Italy, turkey, Egypt, and Syria make up the Mediterranean cuisine. The food includes fruits and salads mainly that makes it a healthy option for the meal. The chicken shawarma, salmon salad, shrimp pasta, baked chicken drumsticks are popular in very few regions of the country.

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