Best ways to add veggies to your diet without even noticing

Add veggies to your diet also your favorite dishes

Different people have different preferences. Everyone has some of their other favorite dishes. Kids especially have different kinds of favorite dishes as per their choice. Try to add veggies to your diet that you already love.

Make soup of different veggies

Soups are yet another way to add veggies to your diet without even notice. A variety of soups can be made as per one’s choice. One can add ingredients to a soup as per his wish.

Add different veggies into the salad

Salads are very common along with meals. Almost everyone eats salad. Different food items can be eaten in Salad. It depends on our choice of what to include in our salad.

Make juices of different veggies

It is also recommended by doctors to consume juices of different veggies such as kale, carrots, beet, spinach, and many more. All these are very healthy for us. Kids should be given these juices.

Try out some smoothies

Smoothies are very easy to make. Smoothies are made using different vegetables and yogurt and some fruits are also added. This helps to enhance the taste. It is a very nice way to include veggies in your diet without even noticing.