Healthy folic acid-rich foods and fruits


Egg is a rich means of folate. Consuming an egg daily gives much amount of energy to our body. The quantity of folic acid is very much in eggs; making them very healthy to eat.

Citrus fruits

Many citric fruits such as lemon, mausambi, and grapes have a high content of folate.  They are the vital mean of folic acid. Consuming any one citrus fruit daily would be much beneficial for health.


It is a kind of vegetable with many nutritional benefits. Almost, all important vitamins are present in it. But, folate is present in very high quantity in them. If you eat a little amount of uncooked broccoli daily.


It is one of the tropical fruit eaten in summer. Papaya is fully-packed with folic acid. Eating papaya twice a week will be very beneficial to health. Raw papaya is a rich source of folate.


This is a very common means of folate. The quantity of folic acid in them may vary according to folic acid-rich foods variety. But, they have much quantity of folate in them that is need for the human body.


Catalina (spinach) is categorize in the leafy vegetable category. It is the most vital and great means of folic acid. As it has less calorific value; spinach is very beneficial for a healthy body.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are much-prefer food material for many peoples. The folic acid requirements are fulfill. Through the consumption of only a little amount of nuts.  The quantity of folic acid may differ in many nuts because of the huge variety.


It is a very popular fruit among all. Almost all people prefer eating bananas on daily basis.  They are very nutritious to us. Although they have a great content of folate.


They are also popularly known as makhanphal. They come under the list of most delicious and great fruits. Because of their buttery taste, many people love to eat avocados.


Sprouts are a kind of food item which are eat in both ways; either cooked or steamed. They have a delicious taste in their both forms. Besides having great content of many essential elements and vitamins.