Food Substitution

How it Can Help You to Lose Weight

Quinoa for rice

Although it is commonly referred to as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed. Quinoa contains more fiber and  protein than rice, making it a healthier option for side dishes.

Mustard for mayonnaise

Both mustard and mayo can be used to complete a sandwich. Mustard adds great flavor, without the extra sugar or high amounts of saturated fat found in mayo.

Flavored water for soda

Soda is high in sugar which amounts to empty calories. In fact, many people consume hundreds of excess calories a day without realizing how their beverage choices are affecting their health.

Greek yogurt for sour cream

Sour cream is commonly used in dips and as toppings, and can nicely complement baked potatoes. However, sour cream is high in fat and calories.

Almonds for croutons

Commonly used to provide crunch to salads, croutons are loaded with simple carbohydrates. By swapping almonds for croutons you gain the crunch that completes your salad while increasing both fiber and protein.

Popcorn for chips

Losing weight does not mean eliminating snacks, but making healthier choices is important. Air popped popcorn serves as a great snack, with very little saturated fat and less calories per serving than chips.

Stevia for white sugar

Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that contains less calories than sugar, and no fat or carbohydrates. Substitute stevia in recipes as a sweetener to provide sweetness without increasing your calories.

Oil and Balsamic Vinegar instead of Salad dressing

Salad dressing is often high in fat, sugar and calories. In many instances, adding salad dressing can double or triple the calories in a salad. Using small quantities of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Almond butter for peanut butter

Most commercial peanut butter contains added sugars and oils. An organic almond butter can give the creamy texture you crave without the excess sugar and fat.

Fruit juice with water

Although fruit juice is a healthier choice than soda, juice is packed with sugar, resulting in excess calories. Hydrate by drinking water. Instead of drinking juice, eat a piece of fruit.

Frozen grapes instead of candy

Grapes are nature’s candy! Freezing grapes puts a new spin on this already delicious fruit, providing a sweet snack that is even better than a popsicle.

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