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Healthy 7 foods that start with "C"

Caesar Salad is a plate of mixed greens of blended greens of lettuce. It very well may be served on the table.

Caeser Salad

Cabbage is a biennial plant with red or white ( light green) shading. It has thick leafed heads . It is safeguarded and steamed


Cajun Rice, otherwise called Dirty Rice is gotten from the white rice, which gets this caramel tone after being cooked along with meat

Cajun Rice

Cake is a superb combination of eggs, wonderful cherry fixings, great chocolate or different flavorings. Cakes happen as treats,


Melon assists with keeping Asthma from creating in an individual’s later stage. For that nutrient C is a fundamental piece of Cantaloupe.


Carrot is a rooty vegetable , orange in shading which is exceptionally nutritious. This Carrots have a wide scope of enemies of oxidants which battles malignancy .


Cucumber is a natural product , since it creates from a plant that has seeds. Along these lines, it is an organic product.


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