Good Foods for Healthy Hair and Scalp


Fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin D3 and many more, try to eat fatty fish. Fish has the quality of hair growth, if you’re a vegetarian and can’t eat fish, try fish oil supplements.


World-famous eggs, we all know eggs for their protein-rich quality. Also, we know that protein is essential for hair growth and health. Eggs also have biotin. Biotin is important to create keratin protein.


All dark green leafy vegetables are all good for Healthy Hair and Scalp. Spinach is famous for its iron quality. But spinach has moisture quality also that moisturizes your scalp.


Avocados have cell-building properties and fatty acids. It is derived from avocados that our bodies do not even produce. Avocado is rich in vitamin E.


The good thing about nuts is that you can easily take the nuts anywhere and get their nutrition on time. There is no need to chop, cook and wash them.

Green tea

Green tea is good overall. It is good for the heart, and blood pressure. Also, it reduces heart disease and helps in reducing belly fat, increasing blood flow in the body.

Brown Rice

Brown rice helps in reducing hair breakage and preventing hair fall. It makes hair thicker and increases blood flow. It helps in improving the scalp, helps in cell growth, and repairs damaged hair.


Carrots are one of the easily available vegetables. But there are tremendous benefits to eating carrots regularly. Carrots are eaten in many ways.