Healthy 7 foods that start with "B"


Its berries are used in customary medication for quite an while to treat abdomen connected problems, contaminations, and skin conditions.

Geographical region Currant

It produces berry-sized natural product that area unit sometimes used as a sauce in Indian pickles and flavors. it’s a powerful, dry spell open minded plant that prospers well during a wide scope of soils.


Bananas area unit quite presumably the foremost known, unremarkably accessible tropical fruit that area unit pleasant and have such a lot of medical benefits.


Loaded with basic supplements, beetroots area unit a rare wellspring of fiber, B-complex vitamin (nutrient B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and nutrient C.

Dark Rice

Dark rice is otherwise known as ‘Taboo Rice’ in previous China since simply those having an area with the privilege may bear to eat it.


Burgers area unit accepted yankee cheap food, wherever burger buns accustomed build sandwiches utilizing veggies, cheddar, meat so on Burgers area unit accepted where on the world, I think.


Rolls area unit another accepted food that start with letter b.

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