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Get Healthy 7 foods that start with B – Being Health Conscious

7 foods that start with B


Here we are giving you the healthy 7 foods that start with b. these foods make you healthy conscious for your health and lifestyle.

Your temperament depends on the food you eat. So why you don’t eat healthy food? I will help to take healthy food with nutritional information.

Everyone wants a healthy life without any diseases and problem. For getting healthy, we have to take care of our food pattern. In this blog, I share with you 7 foods that start with B, that you eat for changing food diet.

Let’s start with 7 foods that start with letter B:

1. Barberry

7 foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Berberis vulgaris, usually called shrub, could be a bush that develops tart, red berries. 

While the plant is native to elements of Europe, Africa, and Asia, it might currently be ready to track  down all over. 

Its berries are used in customary medication for quite an while to treat abdomen connected problems, contaminations, and skin conditions. 

In stores, you will see them dried. In Iran, the insufficient organic product from the shrub hedge is oversubscribe as road food and is used to feature splendor to chicken stews and basmati rice dishes. It’s likewise used as a fixing for faloodeh, a meager, noodle-like frozen pastry. 


  • Terribly very wholesome might assist with dominant diabetes, will assist with treating play of the bowels. 

2. geographical region Currant 

7 foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Carissa carandas (Hindi: करदोंा, karonda) could be a styles of maturation bush within the dicot family. It produces berry-sized natural product that area unit sometimes used as a sauce in Indian pickles and flavors. it’s a powerful, dry spell open minded plant that prospers well during a wide scope of soils.

traditional names in English incorporate geographical region currant, Christ’s weed etc.Thus, it’s easy find in plenty in Western Ghats of Konkan space within the western coast provinces of geographical area and state. All things thought-about, it fills unremarkably even within the calm states of Siwalik Hills of mountain range in Republic of India .


  • This organic product will guarantee against unsafe contamination, will bring down the degrees of cholesterin.
  • it’s to boot nice to treat fever and additional develop assimilation problems. 


7 foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Bananas area unit quite presumably the foremost known, unremarkably accessible tropical fruit that area unit pleasant and have such a lot of medical benefits. 

Bananas are available in various assortments! 

Banana Bread :

  • This bread is comes from bananas that are prepare in advance. It is among one of the most well-known and satisfying breads.

Banana Cake:

  • Banana cake is like quick bread, but it’s all the a lot of sweet and soggy on the grounds that it’s a treat. 

4. Beetroot 

7 foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a vegetable known as red beet, table beet, garden beet, or simply beet. 

Loaded with basic supplements, beetroots area unit a rare wellspring of fiber, B-complex vitamin (nutrient B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and nutrient C. 

Benefit :

  • Beetroots and beetroot juice are connect with varied medical benefits, together with additional developed blood stream.
  • lower circulatory strain
  • distended exercise execution.

5. Dark Rice 

Dark Rice - Foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Dark rice is otherwise known as ‘Taboo Rice’ in previous China since simply those having an area with the privilege may bear to eat it. 

In Bangla Desh it’s known kalodhanerchaal (dark paddy rice) and accustom build polao or ricebased sweets. The wheat structure (peripheral layer) of dark rice contains maybe the foremost vital level of anthocyanins found in food.[4] The grain features a comparative live of fiber to rice and, the same as rice, features a mild, nutty style. 


  • Sensible in enemies of oxidants.
  • Assists with increasing heart prosperity.
  • It’s to boot very wholesome. 

Not just the fruits and grains has vitamins, we have the junk food that has healthiness, which foods start with B.


Burger - Foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Burgers area unit accepted yankee cheap food, wherever burger buns accustomed build sandwiches utilizing veggies, cheddar, meat so on Burgers area unit accepted where on the world, I think. 


Biscuits - Foods that start with B - Being Health Conscious

Rolls area unit another accepted food that start with letter b. 


While roll alludes to firm treat like snacks in several spots together with Europe, rolls accepted in America area unit terribly unique!

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