Make Healthy Grocery List


This is the main grocery that will be bagged in your grocery wheel. This is the most consumed food in almost 85% of homes, as it gives enough energy to perform the actual task.

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Unlike rice, wheat can be consumed by people. Who intend to reduce their weight. Because of its high fiber content. It makes good digestion, and wheat produces lightweight foods.

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This is an essential grocery in our home. Where it is consume especially by kids to strengthen their bones. It is consume two or three times a day like coffee, tea

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Eggs are use at least once or twice a week. So even eggs are required at less amount, but it is the most abundant grocery to be mentioned in our monthly list

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Without this tomato vegetable, you can’t cook almost 90% of the food. This is one of the main ingredients for more delicious curries.

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It is a greeny vegetable that is rich in fiber and iron. Its helps to repair the tissues as well, and it activates the brain well to do any function.

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We all know that carrot helps to improve eye vision, and it is the most important grocery on our grocery wheel. Kids must have carrots either as a baked one

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Cereals are also a most essential ingredient. Which helps to make curries and other dishes. Its is require even daily or at least thrice a week.

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Garlic is one of the best groceries. That have high medicinal properties. Even it adds some delicious taste for food especially non-vegetarians.

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Coriander leaves are involve in almost 80% of the cooking. especially it is available in most lunch preparations. It is add at last after finishing the cooking

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Like coriander, curry leaves are also use for lunch at most times, and the main purpose of curry leaves. It is to add more taste to the food.

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Almost 98% of foods require oil that helps to absorb calcium. Which gives strength to the bones, and helps to maintain the blood pressure of the body

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