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iber Foods

Rice is generally cultivate in Asian countries like India and China.  where it is one of the necessary foods over there. It helps to provide carbohydrates as the main micronutrients


After rice, we have to notify roti. which is one of the most important foods after rice, where roti is made up of wheat.  That is also an essential crop that needs to be consume even every day.


this is one of the side dishes which is an abundant one require by our body.  Spinach is rich in Iron, Vitamins, and especially Vitamin K which helps to prevent blood clots in the body.


This is one of the most loved fruits by almost everyone where it is one of the great suggestions for digestion.  It is rich in potassium. which helps in muscular contraction, preventing muscular cramps in the body.


This fruit has a recent demand in the market. where it is rich in good quality fats.  That helps to improve the gut area, also responsible for improving the balanced weight in our body.


This fruit is not to get consumed by pregnant ladies. where it is dangerous to them, but apart from. That papaya is one of the best fruit and a good suggestion.  That is rich in fiber food and other vitamins. like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A.


An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is one of the common phrases we go through in our childhood times.  Where we know how the apple is much more important to the human body.


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