Rich in Vitamin C Drinks


Lemonade is nothing but the drink is compose of lemon, water, and sugar/salt. according to the requirements of the person.

Orange Juice

Like lemonade, Orange juice is pack with similar nutrients. This is because both orange and lemon are carrying the same nutrients

Strawberry Shake

Strawberry shakes are compose of Vitamin C. where it helps to prevent the cells. Also, tissues from peeling.

Hibiscus Tea

We can’t skip tea, as it is one of the best beverages. That we would consume every day of our life. Tea has many varieties.


Soups are another important beverage. That is also best for having during winter seasons where it is make up of water and vegetables

Kiwi fruits

Kiwi fruits have had a great demand in the market in recent times. where it is rich in Vitamin C drinks.

Lychee shakes

Lychee shakes are too high in cost but best in nutrient values. It is rich in Vitamin C drinks

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