Vitamin C Fruits:  Essential For Today’s Life

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The most common fruit that can be easily available and affordable by everyone is Guava. This is the best fruit or even food when it comes to vitamin C.


The second most available and most affordable fruit will be lemon. It acts as an antioxidant. Even while compared to other fruit juices


Lemon and Orange are more similar. Because both contain citric acid as Nature. The big difference is Orange is sweet but lemon doesn’t


Unlike Lemon and orange strawberries can’t be afforded by everyone as it costs high, but it has high medicinal use.


The special ability of kiwi is having it 2-3 times a day will reduce the risk factors of a blood clot and strokes. One medium kiwi contains 79mcg of Vitamin C.


This is the only vegetable that has high rich content in Vitamin C. As a study says a man with a mid-age having broccoli will be resisted from heart disease and cancer factors


Tomato is mostly used as a spice or an ingredient in our kitchen. It is one of the affordable vegetables that every one of us buys for daily usage.

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